Advantages & Value

Light, Interoperable, Intuitive and Always Learning.


Optiplant - Engineer the FutureThe savings and benefits from using OptiPlant are direct, significant and ongoing for the project and the organization. The top reasons identified by our clients for engaging and using OptiPlant are to:

  • Dramatically reduce the manhours, costs and schedule for front end design
  • Get significantly more accurate estimates at FEED/FEL
  • Create more layout options, and analyze them more quickly to make better decisions
  • Start in 3D immediately and use visualization to get better input from multi-discipline team members

Industries OptiPlant Provides Value For:

OptiPlant for Oil & GasOptiPlant for Chemical PlantsOptiPlant for Power GenerationOptiPlant for ManufacturingOptiPlant for Water ProductionOptiPlant for Agriculture

Our initial clients were in Oil & Gas, but quickly expanded to Chemicals and Power Generation.  We are happy to be working with Tier 1, anchor clients for many years now in each of these sectors. OptiPlant’s capabilities are equally well suited to any process intensive heavy industry such as Agriculture, Water and Manufacturing.

Sector / Public Domain Knowledge

At your fingertips…

  • OptiPlant comes “out of the box” with all regional engineering standards imbedded
  • OptiPlant allows the user to easily choose from a list of imbedded standards and rules as the basis for design
  • PIP ( process industry practices), ANSI, AISC, ASME, ISO 15926, Soils classification, and others

Corporate Domain Knowledge

Leverage what you already know…

OptiPlant allows importation and configuration of corporate domain knowledge such as:

  • Equipment Spacing Guidelines
  • Exotic Materials
  • Insulation Guidelines
  • Piping Design Around Equipment such as Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Factors for Early Load Calculations

OptiPlant then runs automation functions based on the designer choosing the corporate vs public standards.

Extensive Ingestion Engines

Ingest what you’ve already done…

OptiPlant enables the design basis to be kick-started, readily re-used and configured for the current project. We invested in building smart ingestion engines that bring your data in to OptiPlant- part of our continuous drive to improve Interoperability for the industry. This allows the design team to NOT have to start from scratch.  At their finger tips – in OptiPlant – is the retained data and knowledge from their previous projects

Data Sources:
Process Simulation, 3D Models, P&ID’s, Equipment Lists, other

Data Formats:
Excel, XML, STP, SDNF, other

Anomaly Detection & Compliance

Compliance is NOT mandatory – but it WILL be reported. OptiPlant uses AI enhanced processes to search for, identify and report on data anomalies. Ingested data and design data. Are there clashes in the design? Be notified and see it visually.

Engineers and Designers need to have control and flexibility, therefore OptiPlant allows its users to create designs with clashes and non-compliance issues. HOWEVER, OptiPlant will always attach a Clash & Compliance Report to the design to ensure the issues are approved or corrected at the next stage of design.

Automated Engineering Calculations

OptiPlant brings automated calculations to the world of engineering. Our standard and proprietary, rules based, AI enhanced algorithms do much of the heavy lifting in performing engineering calculations within OptiPlant

We invested years of development, testing and validation with 3rd parties to ensure OptiPlant calculations are 100% accurate. Now engineers can spend more effort creating and reviewing solutions and less effort endlessly crunching numbers.

Save TIME and create VALUE.

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At the Core of OptiPlant’s Power.

OptiPlant Core Functionality

"ASD Global will be working with some major offices to implement and roll-out OptiPlant on Select and Define projects that can start to address some of the Industry challenges faced by our Customers with regards to schedule, change management, quality and predictability of outcome,”

- Martin Brooks, WorleyParsons Group Director of Engineering

“Utilization of ASD’s designers and their OptiPlant tool allowed TOYO Canada to perform the cost reduction activities for our client in a fraction of the time compared with traditional methods.”

- Joe Poletto, Department Manager, Toyo Global

“Many Alberta Oil Sands FEED Projects have been executed using OptiPlant have proved to be highly successful. OptiPlant can equally be used for offshore as well as onshore projects. Most importantly, OptiPlant really saved the day with respect to schedule and change.”

- Jeffrey Herring, Department Manager, Worley Parsons