Advantages & Value

Improved Value and Decreased Risk For EPC Managers

For EPC Managers

There Are Four Project Drivers:

OptiPlant CostOptiPlant ScheduleOptiPlant QualityOptiPlant Certainty

Clients expect improvements in all four areas. OptiPlant was designed to help you achieve all four client expectations.

We Help You…

  • Focus on Optioneering for client value
  • Create lean and agile work process
  • Leverage existing systems, standards, rules and tools
  • Enable ultra early visualization for teams and clients
  • Respond to RFP’s faster, with more value and with less cost
  • De-risk estimates for clients and de-risk proposals to clients
  • Re-use data and design at each stage of the project
  • Deliver more value to the project – and enhance customer retention

The Results from Using OptiPlant

Reduced RFP Response Time


Savings In Response Schedule

(For Complext Projects)

Improved Client Value for Projects


Schedule Reduction


Improved Margin for Projects


Man Hours Reduction


Reduce RFP Response Time:

  • 15-25% savings in response schedule (for complex projects)

Improve Client Value for Projects:

  • 30-50% schedule reduction during FEL/FEED
  • 10% schedule savings during Detail
  • +/- 15% bulk materials estimate at FEED
  • Early visualization + Better facility designs (invaluable)

Improve Margin for Projects:

  • 30% – 50% manhours reduction during FEL/FEED
  • Estimated up to 10% manhours reduction during Detail
  • Add revenue from Value-add consulting services

De-Risk Projects and Scope Changes:

  • 100% design compliance monitoring and reporting
  • 80-100% bi-directional data use and re-use for tools including: detail design, estimating, AWP’s, construction simulation)
  • 3X faster and cheaper Optioneering (creation and comparison of layout options)


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OptiPlant Enables a Lean Execution Work Process


  • Ingest project basis info (including equipment and unique design standards)
  • Enable and capture Layout input
  • Start Digital – with minimal site plan and process flow data
  • Early 3D Visualization based on Process data and before P&IDs are available
  • Develop 3D model concurrently with P&ID development

Automate / Calculate / Report

  • Autoroute piping and electrical, auto-calculate Foundations and pipe supports, and auto-model from data
  • Engineering analytics and feedback loop identifies design and engineering faults early
  • Automated data reuse between disciplines
  • Automated generation of multi-discipline Bulk Materials to support cost estimates
  • Automated manual touchpoints
  • Execute sequential processes in parallel
  • Report on all non-compliant aspects of the design
  • Report on design metrics


  • Optioneer – create multiple layout options
  • Generate quantities reports – early in design
  • Export to estimating tools for analysis
  • Report design change impacts
  • Export/Import to the Detail design tools
  • Export/Import the data required by various project and construction planning tools


  • Optioneering of the layout – collaborative between multiple stakeholders
  • Early 3D design validation – identify design faults and constraints from a live 3D data set
  • Bring in Construction and Operations Review early
  • Construction Planning and options studied and determined early
  • Archive the multiple layouts and decisions
  • Create reference projects

Case Studies

SNC Lavalin

New 80,000 bbl/d Canadian Refinery

SNC-Lavalin Calgary has successfully incorporated OptiPlant into the EDS Phase of the North West Upgrader Project with excellent results.


New Gas to Liquids Facility in Houston, Texas

An EPC in Houston deployed OptiPlant on the FEED stage of a new Gas To Liquids Facility in parallel to…


"ASD Global will be working with some major offices to implement and roll-out OptiPlant on Select and Define projects that can start to address some of the Industry challenges faced by our Customers with regards to schedule, change management, quality and predictability of outcome,”

- Martin Brooks, WorleyParsons Group Director of Engineering

“Utilization of ASD’s designers and their OptiPlant tool allowed TOYO Canada to perform the cost reduction activities for our client in a fraction of the time compared with traditional methods.”

- Joe Poletto, Department Manager, Toyo Global

“Many Alberta Oil Sands FEED Projects have been executed using OptiPlant have proved to be highly successful. OptiPlant can equally be used for offshore as well as onshore projects. Most importantly, OptiPlant really saved the day with respect to schedule and change.”

- Jeffrey Herring, Department Manager, Worley Parsons