Advantages & Value

Efficient Control For Project Managers

For Project Managers

  • Bring forward constructability and safety reviews
  • Expose non-compliant design issues earlier
  • Accelerate standardization
  • Optimize modules vs stick build
  • Initiate Advanced Work Packaging earlier with more clarity
  • Contain schedule and cost impacts from scope changes

The Results from Using OptiPlant

Improve Compliance to Standards


Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

(For Complex Projects)

Reduce TIC


Schedule + Man Hours Savings



Reduced Bulks

(during detail)

De-Risk the Project:

  • 100% design compliance monitoring and reporting
  • 80%-100% bi-directional data use and re-use for project tools including: estimating, AWP, Construction Simulation, C&SU.
  • Mitigate impacts from last minute scope changes:
    • 30-50% faster turnaround of optioneering outcomes for a solution
    • Higher accuracy of bulk material estimates
    • Automated engineering analytics ( stress analysis, hydraulics, loading)

Reduce Project Costs:

  • 30-50% reduced engineering hours (FEL/FEED)
  • 10% reduced manhours (Detail Engineering)
  • 5-15% reduced bulks (via optimized layouts)

Improve Safety:

  • All disciplines are able to “see the plant” in 3D at early FEL/FEED
  • Develop Safe work procedures much earlier
  • Complete Hazops and other team reviews more effectively
  • Designs can be efficiently re-optioneered for safety (for construction & Ops)


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OptiPlant Enables a Lean Execution Work Process

Plot Plan / Modules

  • Auto- 3D Model from minimal data
  • 3D equipment and structures are automatically built from preliminary data
  • Ability to optioneer in 3D
  • Built in spacing rules to check the layout for compliance.
  • Define modules early with built in rules to check weight and dimensions based on logistics.
  • Deliverables: traditional 2D drawings and a 3D digital data asset

Civil / Structural

  • Rapid 3D Modeling of primary and secondary Steel
  • Automatic Foundation Calculator and 3D Modeler based on rules and soils data
  • Conceptual Engineering analytics to get feedback on sizing and loading
  • Deliverables: drawings, loading reports, and accurate tonnage of steel and concrete volumes


  • AI based 3D interference-free auto-router for piping
  • Conceptual engineering analytics for pipe size calculation, hydraulics calculations, and conceptual stress checks
  • Deliverables: drawings and MTOs for accurate pipe bulks
  • Automatic pipe support selection and location validated by a detailed stress analysis


  • Automated cable tray and conduit routing
  • NOTE: additional functionality has been requested and is being tested with clients now (est. Q4, 2018 roll-out)

Construction Planning

  • Enables the definition and visualization of EWP’s, CWA/CWP’s packages (auto-identifies which items are within package)
  • Keep packages up to date with layout changes
  • Enables early 4D simulation to optioneer the Construction schedule and sequence for cost

Detail Design

  • Initiate Detail Design tools later and with 15 – 30% Model already developed
  • Bi-directional interface allows the use of OptiPlant in parallel to Detail Design tools
  • Reciprocal interoperability agreements in place with all major Detail Design Tools

Neutral Interoperability

  • OptiPlant is interoperable with all front-end tools for process simulation, P&IDs, mechanical lists
  • Extensive ingestion capabilities that jump start OptiPlant models with existing data available
  • OptiPlant is interoperable with Laser scan data & models to ingest point cloud data
  • Easily publish to Excel, XML, and Neutral files such as STP and SDNF

Case Studies

SNC Lavalin

New 80,000 bbl/d Canadian Refinery

SNC-Lavalin Calgary has successfully incorporated OptiPlant into the EDS Phase of the North West Upgrader Project with excellent results.


New Gas to Liquids Facility in Houston, Texas

An EPC in Houston deployed OptiPlant on the FEED stage of a new Gas To Liquids Facility in parallel to…


"ASD Global will be working with some major offices to implement and roll-out OptiPlant on Select and Define projects that can start to address some of the Industry challenges faced by our Customers with regards to schedule, change management, quality and predictability of outcome,”

- Martin Brooks, WorleyParsons Group Director of Engineering

“Utilization of ASD’s designers and their OptiPlant tool allowed TOYO Canada to perform the cost reduction activities for our client in a fraction of the time compared with traditional methods.”

- Joe Poletto, Department Manager, Toyo Global

“Many Alberta Oil Sands FEED Projects have been executed using OptiPlant have proved to be highly successful. OptiPlant can equally be used for offshore as well as onshore projects. Most importantly, OptiPlant really saved the day with respect to schedule and change.”

- Jeffrey Herring, Department Manager, Worley Parsons