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The Powerful Features of OptiPlant

OptiPlant Features: An Overview

Instantaneous 3D Modeling

3D data-rich conceptual models – parametric and automated 3D modeling of Equipment and Structures combined with auto-routing of pipe and electrical components, automated calculation of foundations, and light engineering analytics. Design and engineer faster and produce more accurate estimates earlier in the design.

How it Works

The Digital Facility

OptiPlant provides the 'birthplace' of your Digital Facility. OptiPlant ingests project design basis data from most standard sources and almost immediately represents it in 3D. Public Domain Knowledge such as engineering standards are always resident in OptiPlant, and OptiPlant provides an accessible place to consolidate Corporate engineering standards and rules.

How it Works

Rule-Based Engineering

Configurable rules database used to standardize designs and auto-check for compliance. OptiPlant allows users to deviate from the chosen standards and rules and provides real-time notifications that a layout or configuration is non-compliant or may not work. OptiPlant’s extensive knowledge base includes regional rules, design standards for multiple facility types from onshore to offshore to within buildings, and engineering calculations for validation.

How it Works

AI Automation

OptiPlant utilizes proprietary, AI enhanced algorithms to generate thousands of centerlines and then select the best centerline. This autorouting engine automates the design of 3D interference-free pipe, cable tray and conduit and generates the most accurate results in the market today.

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Completely Interoperable

OptiPlant is interoperable with front-end and detail design tools. OptiPlant provides out-of-the-box integrations to process simulation tools, intelligent P&IDs, mechanical lists, 3D Detail design, point cloud data and more. Extensive ingestion capabilities jump start OptiPlant models with existing data thereby increasing productivity. Easily publish to Excel, XML, and Neutral files such as STP and SDNF

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Pipe Support Optimizer

OptiPlant offers Pipe Support Optimizer (Opti-PSO), a fully integrated stress analysis, and automatic support location and selection tool. With this product, users can eliminate the manual trial and error steps to determine optimal support locations and automatically validate if a piping system will pass stress.

How it Works

OptiPlant Router in Smart® 3D

OptiPlant is soon releasing Opti-Router in Hexagon Smart3D! With this product, users can work within a familiar S3D environment, and still use OptiPlant’s leading 3D interference-free autorouter to efficiently design hundreds of pipe in minutes. The Opti-Router can read S3D equipment and structures, recognize them intelligently, autoroute to nozzles, and then load the pipe into S3D based on the specifications and catalogs. Opti-Router S3D is being released on July 22nd .

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"ASD Global will be working with some major offices to implement and roll-out OptiPlant on Select and Define projects that can start to address some of the Industry challenges faced by our Customers with regards to schedule, change management, quality and predictability of outcome,”

- Martin Brooks, WorleyParsons Group Director of Engineering

“Utilization of ASD’s designers and their OptiPlant tool allowed TOYO Canada to perform the cost reduction activities for our client in a fraction of the time compared with traditional methods.”

- Joe Poletto, Department Manager, Toyo Global

“Many Alberta Oil Sands FEED Projects have been executed using OptiPlant have proved to be highly successful. OptiPlant can equally be used for offshore as well as onshore projects. Most importantly, OptiPlant really saved the day with respect to schedule and change.”

- Jeffrey Herring, Department Manager, Worley Parsons