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Rules Based Engineering

Rules Based Engineering

Code Compliance

Compliance is NOT mandatory – but it WILL be reported.

OptiPlant uses the extensive knowledge base of rules, design best practices, and industry compliant data to identify and report on data anomalies for ingested data and design data.  If there are clashes or compliance issues in the design, the user will be notified and see it visually.

Engineers and Designers need to have control and flexibility. So OptiPlant allows its users to create designs with clashes and non-compliance issues. HOWEVER, OptiPlant will always attach a Clash & Compliance Report to the design to ensure the issues are approved or corrected at the next stage of design.

Key Features

  • Regional rules incorporated
  • Piping design best practices – incorporated as a configurable rule
  • Engineering rules and validations – calculations to validate if the design complies with engineering principles for thermal expansion, preliminary stress check, hydraulics and more

OptiPlant’s Rules-Based Engineering in Action

OptiPlant Rules Based Engineering

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"ASD Global will be working with some major offices to implement and roll-out OptiPlant on Select and Define projects that can start to address some of the Industry challenges faced by our Customers with regards to schedule, change management, quality and predictability of outcome,”

- Martin Brooks, WorleyParsons Group Director of Engineering

“Utilization of ASD’s designers and their OptiPlant tool allowed TOYO Canada to perform the cost reduction activities for our client in a fraction of the time compared with traditional methods.”

- Joe Poletto, Department Manager, Toyo Global

“Many Alberta Oil Sands FEED Projects have been executed using OptiPlant have proved to be highly successful. OptiPlant can equally be used for offshore as well as onshore projects. Most importantly, OptiPlant really saved the day with respect to schedule and change.”

- Jeffrey Herring, Department Manager, Worley Parsons